Agrat bat Mahlat

I struggled to find information on Agrat as easily as I could find on Lilith, so i’m going to compile what I can find and their sources here on the basis that this is mostly a succubus focused blog so it might be more relevant to have this information here compared to a blog on … Continue reading Agrat bat Mahlat

Succubus Spirit Guide Review

I’ve recently come across a PDF being shared around in which it seems a user under the name “Operation S” has a created a document collecting his own thoughts and a guide to succubi, alongside sharing some material related on the matter. I have nothing better to do so i’ll go through it here and … Continue reading Succubus Spirit Guide Review

Succubus Collective Thoughts

This groups name has popped up a few times in /x, a handful of those times being their own threads and the others just being mentioned in what is now the succ generals. I became interested to know more about them simply because when reading as many of the past succubi threads as I could, … Continue reading Succubus Collective Thoughts

Chakras and Energy

Something that a suprising amount of people seem to overlook is the importance of energy work. Just because you wanna summon a semen demon and have no other interest in the occult doesn’t mean you should ignore working on yourself spritually. People always ask “Help guys how do I feel my succ better?” and this … Continue reading Chakras and Energy

From then to now

Continuing from the previous post, a few years went by and I didn’t do much till around 2018. My interest in the occult rekindled, I read more threads whether they were old or new and decided to reattempt the letter method again. Nothing occured to begin with, it took about 2 weeks before I had … Continue reading From then to now


I’m not very sure where to begin, so i’ll begin with a backstory post because I found from speaking to interested people that I suppose unsurprisingly most go straight into the interest of succubi and/or summoning them with no other occult interest or experience. Roughly 5 years ago I was questioning my religion after having … Continue reading Start


I’ve noticed more succubus blogs have been popping up over time and so decided to jump on the bandwagon. I don’t have as much experience as others but i’ll be sharing what i’ve experienced and learnt from talking to others, as well as possibly talking about other occult topics to add some meat. This won’t … Continue reading Prologue